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Signed Japanese/Chinese

Description: Signed Japanese/Chinese

Material: Silver

Maker: Unknown c. 1900

Measurements: 1 7/8” x 1 3/8”

Notes: The unusual thing about this safe is the two kinds of inscriptions, one in Japanese & one in Chinese. It was probably made in old China because the right line is in an old Chinese calendar system (4 letters indicate a period & a season.) The center line, also 4 letters is in a cursive that I could not get anyone to accurately translate. It may be a proverb. The left line indicates the name of the person who may have made the safe. While the name appears to a Chinese name the bottom 2 letters “seizou” is Japanese and means the product.

The interior of the lid also contains an inscription. (See images)

While a modest exterior the phoenix on a tree limb it is attractive, it is a very unique Asian/Japanese/Chinese piece.

Age: c.1900
Price: $395.00
ID: 52

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